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e-amster-picShe was born in 1942 in Brooklyn New York were her father, an accomlished Florist in his own right, first placed a paintbrush in her hands at the age of three. By the age of eight she’d already won her first competition, the Ford Award. That led two years later to her attending Pratt Institute’s prestigious after school program on a Merit Scholarship. Those classes were her first exposure to drawing and painting live models, and unleashed a passion for the human form she carries till this day.

After graduating from Erasmus High School in Brooklyn Ms. Amster attended Pratt Institute majoring in Fine Arts and Painting. While there she studied under noted artist Jake Laundau and Richard Lindner. Lindner, who studied under Picasso and Laundau’s influence soon became apparent.

It was while studying at Pratt that she began to develop a style that has been described as Prismatic Eroticism (the breakup of form and color as it relates to the human body, water and nature itself). She has continued to pursued this artistic exploration her entire creative life.

Her work has exhibited at such notable venues as the Lincoln Center, the Mari Gallery, and La Mouch in Manhattan. She’s a former member of the New York Artist Equity’s National Organization for Woman, and she participated in the ‘Women in the Arts’ March for Women Show on New York’s 5th Avenue in the late 70’s.

Her work has also exhibited in several galleries in lower Manhattan and has been recognized as an ‘Accomplished Contemporary Artist’, registered with the National Registry of American Artist in Washington DC. The road Ms. Amster lived on while residing and painting in Middletown NY was renamed by the city fathers, Amster Rd.

Ms. Amster works primarily in Oils, and never uses additives or driers in her media. She prefers painting on virgin linen canvas which she stretches and prepares herself. She currently resides in N. Fort Myers FL with her husband of many years Al and continues to create on a daily basis.

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